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The corporate feature within the Empathy Initiative is The Corporate Organism Matrix which enables managers to create a concrete cultural identity while extracting extreme value from their staff.

Dario Philippe has been involved within the corporate work environment for many years and understands the challenges managers’ face creating a strong corporate culture while developing competent and enthusiastic employees, to ensure growth within the organization.

Within this feature, managers will be enabled to:

a) Create a cultural identity which is formed by the shared beliefs and values of what is really important to both the staff and administration, in order to form what the organization stands for.


b) Revitalize the visualization of the work environment! The corporate Culture Message has to match the Office visual set up! Customers/Clients and Staff should be able to quickly have an idea of what your business stands for as soon as they walk into the office and before reading one word from your mission statement!

c) Transform the archaic mindset of the “employee” to an identity of “Partner”. With empathy at the core, Dario meets with “Partners” detailing what they desire to accomplish working for the company and discover ways these goals can be reached MAXIMIZING their efforts at the company!

And Much more.


The culture & diversity feature is a program which creates symbiotic corporate relationships harnessed in respect and social human empathy. This program will enhance the workplace experience, increases productivity, and ultimately catapults profit margins.

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